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Addison's Wall
Addison is a 9-year-old coping with the death of his father in his own way. Shutting out the rest of the world, he refuses to speak to anyone and... More Info
Gripping story of a trailblazing heroine that history forgot. Over 50 years ago, before Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez, there was Maria Moreno. In... More Info
All he wants is people for his 'Body of Gods.' Four friends rent a lake house from a bodybuilding obsessed owner Tad, with no sense of boundaries.... More Info
Based on the novel by Felix Bayon (who co-wrote the screenplay), Adosados explores the ''nonsense of suburban life.'' Andres is an accountant... More Info
Imagine a documentary about George W. Bush’s homosexual lover assassinating him with a car bomb.AFR is the Danish equivalent of just such a story.... More Info
Afro Promo
Cinequest is excited to have Jenni Olson back for the second year running. Last year's Trailer Camp was a great After Hours crowd pleaser, and we're... More Info
After Hours
Trust me: if you stay up late and watch that Mr. Juicemister infomercial just one more time, your head's gonna explode. Don't go to bed, for heaven's... More Info
After Hours
Remaining true to its tradition of bringing to town the best of eccentric, outrageously funny and extravagantly over the top films, Cinequest San... More Info
After Hours
Five nights of late movies and one fabulous late night party! If there are three things that define After Hours, they are camp, titillation and lots... More Info
What do you do when Dad dies - and then just won't go away?
Chris Penn, Tony Danza, Anthony Michael Hall and Frank Whaley star in this suspenseful powerhouse. Tom Fiorini (Anthony Michael Hall, The Dead Zone)... More Info
Age of Elegance
The only statistical requirement is that one be 60 years or better. Their traits include graciousness, dignity, maturity and inner beauty. They are... More Info