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Aging Out
World Premiere. Roger Weisberg and Vanessa Roth's Aging Out is the emotionally stirring and poignant saga of three teenagers in New York and Los... More Info
Agnus Dei
I was born from the ones I shouldn't, lived with those I mustn't, and killed the one I shouldn't. Even the greatest can fall to great depths.
One young girl’s journey to adolescence and to self-acceptance
Alcatraz is Not an Island
Many view Alcatraz simply as an abandoned prison and tourist attraction. For some, however, it is an inspiration. The year 1969 saw the occupation of... More Info
When a young Mexican boy, Ambriz, illegally crosses the border into the U.S. to find work, he discovers everything isn't what he thought it would be... More Info
All About Dad
Last year, Cinequest was extremely honored to present the first audience test screening of Mark Tran’s, All About Dad—a very exciting event that... More Info
All About Dad
Test Screening “Old World” dad, meet your “New World” kids.Nominated for the Harold Crain Dramatic Writing Award, Mark Tran’s debut feature is a... More Info
All in the Family
A short series about acceptance, misunderstanding, family values and traditions.In Jesus Manuel Munoz' THE PARIS EXPRESS, a man must come to terms... More Info
All Men Are Liars
It's Sugar Week in small-town Worondilla, and visiting all-woman band "Total Fire" is in trouble. Lead singer Angie's boyfriend, the band's roadie,... More Info
Friend in need, may not be a friend indeed... In this riveting thriller, a young woman, Sara escapes on a winter's night in a seaside town, desperate... More Info
All That Remains
A brother, a sister, two hitch hikers, two continents... and one very big world.
An ode to love and compassion: a shining, effervescent, and, ultimately, wise glimpse into the many lives that make up a lifetime.