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Around the Bay
The distance between us and those we love is often measured by silence. In that special darkness, we search for a bridge over which we can connect.... More Info
Innovative and original, yet harkening back to the tradition of the conversational classic My Dinner With Andre, first-time director Jon Zeiderman's... More Info
We can stay children for only so long. Living on the outskirts of Bangkok, three childhood friends haven’t the slightest clue what the real world... More Info
As It Is In Heaven
What if the end of your world never comes?
As Simple As That (Be ham
Two years ago, a quiet revolution in Iranian cinema occurred with the appearance of Asghar Farhadi's remarkable Fireworks Wednesday, which juxtaposed... More Info
No other area of the world has received more acclaim over the past decade for its achievement in filmmaking than Asian. So it is fitting to present a... More Info
February 28, 4:45pm (UA). Cinequest is proud to join forces with the National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA) to present one of... More Info
Aspie Seeks Love
A fearless outsider's quest for love in the digital age.
Love is blind. The WORLD wide web, however, is not.
After the plague, an empty world where you make your own rules.
Mahmoud and Rezhev are Kurds who have smuggled themselves out of Iraq into London, seeking political asylum in a land which promises them freedom and... More Info
At Midnight and a Half (A
With the threat of a catastrophic tidal wave large enough to destroy their city, citizenry of an Oceanside town evacuate, causing a traffic jam that... More Info