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Audie & the Wolf
Meet John Doe, a friendly wolf turned bloodthirsty man under the light of a full moon. Afflicted by amnesia and fueled by the inexplicable craving... More Info
August Sun (Ira Madiyama)
Sri Lanka, 1996: The cruel conflict between the Tamil insurgents and the government rages on - with cruelty and suffering a daily occurrence for both... More Info
Autism: The Musical
Can a group of autistic kids really pull off a live musical?Inspiring, joyful and heartwarming are not typical terms associated with autism. But when... More Info
Autumn (Sonbahar)
Sentenced to jail as a 22 year old political prisoner, Yusuf is being released from prison 10 years later. Seeking peace and refuge, he returns to... More Info
Avert Your Eyes
These controversial films deal with issues and people that one might just as soon pretend don't exist.
Awakening From the Dead (
A seductive tale that opens a lingering past, Awakening from the Dead evokes Bergman's most engaging work. Set against the outrageous background of... More Info
Awful Normal
Celesta Davis has been on both Oprah and Primetime Live to talk about Awful Normal. Celesta and Karen Davis grew up in a loving family. They shared... More Info
Baba's Journey: An Africa
Everyone has a dream. Baba's is to become the "king" of football in France. He is not, however, the only one in his village who wishes this. His... More Info
How long can you walk by the abyss without falling in?
Baby It's You
Families. Aren't they splendid, odd, and dysfunctional conglomerates? Baby It's You is the soul-searching story of acclaimed filmmaker Anne Makepeace... More Info
Back Home
World PremiereIs it always true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Back Home reveals the remarkable true story of 27-year-old J.B.... More Info
Back to Life
How does a poor Acapulco scuba diver end up marrying a top New York model?Film sponsored by the Castellano Family Foundation.