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Bay Area Shorts
Each year Cinequest has the privilege of watching many of the most exciting films from directors right in our own backyard. This year proved to have... More Info
Bay Area Shorts
The Bay Area is home to a robust, fiercely independent film community, and Cinequest takes great pleasure in presenting the best, most exciting... More Info
Beasts Of Cardo
All the wealth she could desire, no life she wants to live.
Beat Down
Why wrestle with angst, when a wrestling career waits in the opposite corner?
Norwegian Wood - isn't it good?
Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Feature In a very special collaboration with the Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival and... More Info
Becoming Bert Stern
Becoming John Ford
A brute, a drunk, and a maverick to the core, he was America’s greatest director.John Ford’s larger than life personality reflected the iron-willed,... More Info
Becoming Vex
World Premiere Courageous...pushes the boundaries of what is permissible in modern cinema...powerful and intense. - Robert Hawk Director Brent Sims'... More Info
Bedtime Fairy Tales for C
After winning several awards at international film festivals, director Ignacio Ort’z Cruz's critically applauded Bedtime Fairy Tales for Crocodiles... More Info
Before I Forget
Live to Forget. Despite Polidoro’s dwindling memory, he doesn’t stop enjoying the pleasurable things in life. Spending his days watching pornography... More Info
Being (Istota)
North American Premiere Being, a film of uncompromising attitude and quality, relentlessly grim, insistently artistic, is a true "lost Maverick."... More Info