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Bi Don't Be Afraid
Sometimes family isn’t the most important thing in a person’s life.Film sponsored by the Applied Materials Foundation.
Big Enough
World Premiere. Call them dwarfs, although they prefer "little people" or "people of short stature." But you might as well call them what they are:... More Info
Bigga Than Ben
World Premiere What is an ambitious self-confessed “piece of Moscow scum” to do if he wants to avoid the army and make something of himself? Nothing... More Info
Bikini Moon
The realms of the mind are vast and awesome. Bikini Moon gives a provocative and convincing portrayal of an unstable woman trying to get her life... More Info
Billy Was a Deaf Kid
Pushing 30, unemployed and decidedly unconventional, Archie lives in an eccentric world of his own. Living life like an endless lark, he and his... More Info
Birth of a Family
A government policy separated their family. The natural beauty of the Banff wilderness provides a paradoxical backdrop for the exposure of an ugly... More Info
Let's be honest. Divorce is never easy. It's usually riddled with misfortunes, pain and violence. Ildiko Szabo's film Bitches follows the married... More Info
Bite Size
My name's Davion. I'm twelve, and I am 270 pounds.
Bitter & Twisted
In the living room of a suburban home, Liam Lombard lays dying. His family watches – helpless. No warning. No signs. No time for goodbyes. Three... More Info
Bitter Jester
World Premiere - Maija Di Giorgio was a comedian on the verge of big time success. Then one night in front of executives from HBO, she inexplicably... More Info
Bitter Sweat (Sudor Amarg
World Premiere - Following in the inspiring tradition of Norma Rae and Erin Brockovich, Sonia Valent’n's Bitter Sweat gives viewers a vivid look at... More Info
Bitter Sweetheart
Lina has everything a 15 -year-old would want…and one thing she doesn’t—her virginity.Poor Lina. About to graduate from junior high and she’s never... More Info