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American Blackout
The right to vote in America is sacred. American Blackout examines the recurring pattern of the disenfranchisement of the African-American vote. It... More Info
American Cowboy
At times challenging, American Cowboy provides an interesting look into the seldom-seen world of gay cowboys. It is as much about the subject matter... More Info
American Losers
North American Premiere A loving diary to the dreams, desires and disillusionment of the everyday told through the lives of two New Yorkers biting... More Info
Her fate hangs in the balance of his memory.
Among Us
Reality is cold, that is why we so desperately need human warmth.Film sponsored by the Applied Materials Foundation.
A thriller of obsessive proportions. Anita leads a picture-perfect life with her husband, in their beautiful new home. But when Anita starts her new... More Info
A hilarious satire that offers Idiocracy levels of commentary on the power of media and the American Dream… even if that dream is a bit crazy.
Mothers' actions have the biggest stakes. Maura Mackenzie, a talented concert pianist and loving mother of two young girls. What starts as an... More Info
An Enemy of the People
A classic of the world theatre since it was first published in 1882, Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People is given a modern film adaptation under... More Info
An Inaccurate Memoir
The Far East meets the Wild West. Fang leads a group of bandits who have gained notoriety for their widespread influence in this Chinese Western... More Info
Analog Days
Through a chain of events, the landscape of life begins to pan out for a group of friends trapped in a desert town of strip malls and racist townies... More Info
Anarchy TV
Revolutionists of the world, UNITE!!!!!! Nothing can stop the crazy antics in this film about a group of wacky anarchists who use their uncensored... More Info