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An Inaccurate Memoir
The Far East meets the Wild West. Fang leads a group of bandits who have gained notoriety for their widespread influence in this Chinese Western... More Info
Analog Days
Through a chain of events, the landscape of life begins to pan out for a group of friends trapped in a desert town of strip malls and racist townies... More Info
Anarchy TV
Revolutionists of the world, UNITE!!!!!! Nothing can stop the crazy antics in this film about a group of wacky anarchists who use their uncensored... More Info
The great battles over sexuality, spirituality and secular power are forever raging. Anchoress takes us back to the 14th century, when men and the... More Info
And the Earth Did Not Swa
Based on the contemporary classic of Chicano Literature by Tomas Rivera, the autobiographical tale of the early life of a migrant worker who later... More Info
Andrew Jenks, Room 335
Just like the other residents at the assisted living facility, Harbor Place, I played bingo, hung out in the courtyards contemplating "the golden... More Info
Angel's Dance
The Lobrutto family is in desperate need of a new hit man. Their star, "The Shank", has just been run over by a Mack truck, and their thieving... More Info
Animation Shorts
From the darkly brooding to the playfully inventive to the dizzyingly frenetic...this year's crop of animated short films runs the gamut of style,... More Info
The spirit of all seasons: A journey from girlhood to womanhood
Another Man (Un Autre Hom
François has just landed a position as a film critic with a small-town theater. It’s a movie lover’s dream job, but there’s only one problem: He... More Info
Antoine et Marie
One night, beyond memory, stole away the life she knew.
Anyone You Want
Where do you go after hello?New Visions Program made possible by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.