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Above Dark Waters
A dichotomy of love and fear.
Absolute Hundred
Northern California Premiere Srdan Golubovic's entrancing first feature reveals what happens when youthful ambition and brotherly love are threatened... More Info
Accidental Hero: Room 408
Oprah Winfrey featured Accidental Hero on her television show awarding Tommie Lindsey and his program the $100,000 Use Your Life AwardAward winner,... More Info
Can a woman truly have it all?
Accordion Tribe
United States Premiere The Accordion Tribe has a seemingly impossible mission: to return their long disregarded instrument to the worldwide... More Info
Acquainted With the Night
When the sun goes down, a fascinating new world emerges.
Act Normal
North American Premiere Filmed over the course of 10 years, this moving story follows one man’s spiritual journey after he leaves a Buddhist... More Info
Acting Like Adults
Here comes the bride... across the finish line.
In a film adaptation of a novel by James Franco, inner demons get in the way of two wannabe actors in Hollywood.
Adam and Eve
Rife with the trials, tribulations, and confusion of modern life, Adam and Eve focuses in on a host of broadcasting professionals in Lisbon, exposing... More Info
Addison's Wall
Addison is a 9-year-old coping with the death of his father in his own way. Shutting out the rest of the world, he refuses to speak to anyone and... More Info
Gripping story of a trailblazing heroine that history forgot. Over 50 years ago, before Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez, there was Maria Moreno. In... More Info