Able Edwards

Able Edwards

Able Edwards

Running Time: 85 mins

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It is the future. The Edwards Corporation, the worldâ??s leader in android manufacturing, is floundering in a stagnant market. Only one man can invigorate the companyâ??s steadily falling performanceâ??its founder, Able Edwards, a charismatic wunderkind, a person who cannot possibly be duplicated. Unfortunately, he is dead.

Scientific advancements, however, provide the opportunity for Edwardsâ?? cryogenically frozen body to be cloned, an option the Corporationâ??s desperate Board of Directors approves, in hopes that the child is father to the man.

Able, the clone, realizes the need for the reinvention in his own visionary way. Autocratic when necessary, but caring to those he loves, his audacious ideas and dreams quickly revive his legacy. But when tragedy strikes, Able is confronted with the puzzle of his own identity and the need to discover whether his true self actually even exists.

Director Graham Robertson creates a sci-fi fantasy, revisiting Citizen Kane. Futuristic not only in storytelling, Robertson uses innovative visuals and filmmaking technologies, energizing his tale with a distinctive look. A fable that rings true to the past, present and future, Able Edwards, in the tradition of all great science fiction, raises questions that have no easy answers.

Sandy Wolf