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A Perfect Soldier
The Cambodian killing fields, once Khmer Rouge genocidal abbatoirs, are still mine-strewn disasters waiting to explode. Aki Ra is determined not to... More Info
A Photographer's Journey
The 20th century through a Mexican-American photographer's lens.
A Police Romance (Un Roma
For these officers, facing their feelings is more dangerous than dodging bullets.Jamil is a young French-Algerian rookie whose hotheaded approach to... More Info
A Practical Guide To A Spectacular Suicide
A feel-good film about suicide!
A Rare World  (Un Mundo R
Northern California Premiere Tolin is the biggest television variety show in Mexico, and its host, famous comedian and conductor, Salvador, is one of... More Info
A Reasonable Man
A murdered child, an evil spirit, and a lawyer trying to prove a man is innocent when both men are uncertain. Set in South Africa after its... More Info
Rising above the forces of limitation. Besnik, a shepherd and a devout Muslim, lives in a remote village high in the mountains, caring for his aging... More Info
A Short History Of Decay
Love in the time of frailty.
A Simple Adventure Story:
Cinequest is honored to present the festival premiere of Nick Redman’s glorious look at one of cinema’s greatest masterpiece’s, Sam Peckinpah’s The... More Info
A Song for Martin
Northern California Premiere A Song for Martin is acclaimed director Bille August's most intimate and possibly most challenging work to date,... More Info
A Sweet Scent of Death
The town of Carranco has always had its trouble, but when the naked body of a teenage girl, Adela, turns up in the town's oat fields, Carranco is... More Info
A Thief, A Kid And A Killer
A robbery gone wrong, a small boy with a big personality, and two desperate thieves...