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A Reasonable Man
A murdered child, an evil spirit, and a lawyer trying to prove a man is innocent when both men are uncertain. Set in South Africa after its... More Info
Rising above the forces of limitation. Besnik, a shepherd and a devout Muslim, lives in a remote village high in the mountains, caring for his aging... More Info
A Short History Of Decay
Love in the time of frailty.
A Simple Adventure Story:
Cinequest is honored to present the festival premiere of Nick Redman’s glorious look at one of cinema’s greatest masterpiece’s, Sam Peckinpah’s The... More Info
A Song for Martin
Northern California Premiere A Song for Martin is acclaimed director Bille August's most intimate and possibly most challenging work to date,... More Info
A Sweet Scent of Death
The town of Carranco has always had its trouble, but when the naked body of a teenage girl, Adela, turns up in the town's oat fields, Carranco is... More Info
A Thief, A Kid And A Killer
A robbery gone wrong, a small boy with a big personality, and two desperate thieves...
A Trip
You can't relive high school and grow up at the same time.Film Sponsored by Applied Materials
A Turning of the Earth
"After I'd seen The Searchers a few times, it was completely fixed in my mind. The film was such a seminal and primal experience that I was... More Info
Abandoned (Torzk)
Hungary in 1960-a few years after the revolution and during a time of social uncertainty and harsh living conditions. A communist state dedicated to... More Info
The dispassionate eye peers out of the dark and into the dark because "sometimes things can be seen more clearly in the night."
Able Edwards
** TRAILER available online NOW!** It is the future. The Edwards Corporation, the world’s leader in android manufacturing, is floundering in a... More Info