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A Dog's Breakfast
World Premiere When you’re all alone and your only sister’s about to get married, the whole world seems like it’s going to the dogs. Patrick is a... More Info
One mishap will turn their simple lives into chaos. An elderly veterinarian, Mario, and his retired wife, Sylvia, enjoy a peaceful, idyllic life—... More Info
A Dreamscape: Gambling in
Diving into a looking glass rivaling that of Lewis Carroll, Dutch filmmaker Bernie Nijdis plays a modern day de Tocqueville and takes a protracted... More Info
A Family Affair
Northern California Premiere Rachel, a nice Jewish woman from New York City, is getting married to Christine, a nice blond woman from San Diego. But... More Info
A Greek Woman
World Premiere - What does a filmmaker from L.A. do when she's invited to her mother's tenth year memorial service in Athens, Greece? With this... More Info
What does American mean? "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” are the iconic words for which the world has... More Info
A Hot Roof
It's the hottest day of the century, and no one in Chong-Hee's apartment is in a good mood . In fact, the whole building is pretty much dealing with... More Info
A Is For Alex
A modern-day couple, a sex tape, and robotic bees.
A Kiss and A Promise
“I need you to help me. I’m not going to hurt you, but I need you to help me and then I’ll let you go.”
A Little Help
Alcohol problem? Check. Crappy job? Check. Philandering husband with a fatal heart problem and no life insurance? Check. The promise that life really... More Info
A Long Journey to Guadalu
Twelve million people a year visit this holy place, some making pilgrimages lasting months. The destination, however, is not some exotic location... More Info
A Perfect Match (Man zkt
Of all the matches, he wanted the imperfect one.Retired school director and widow Leopold Vossius (played impeccably by the legendary award-winning... More Info