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Jack O'Connell (Unbroken) stars as a rookie British soldier separated from his unit in a gripping, politically charged thriller.
80 Days
No matter how old you are, life is full of surprises. Film sponsored by the Castellano Family Foundation and the Applied Materials Foundation.
Sometimes filmmaking is murder...literally.
A Better Life (Una Vida M
“Welcome to America.”Behind today’s cold statistics and political rhetoric on illegal immigration lie basic human needs and desires for economic... More Info
A Birder's Guide To Everything
Ben Kingsley and James LeGros support a wonderful, young cast in a heartwarming coming-of-age tale.
A Bus CameÉ
United States Premiere Made up of five loosely connected sketches tied together by a Budapest bus route, A Bus Came... is the collective work of five... More Info
A Colombia
World Premiere Best friends Dunkin and Jay have little to live for in Los Angeles. Dunkin is tired of the monotony of his aimless existence and is... More Info
He will fight for a peaceful solution. Violently, if need be.
A house is temporary, but a home is forever. A fish-out-of-water family drama finds a Chinese family struggling to fit in with their new German... More Info
A Dog's Breakfast
World Premiere When you’re all alone and your only sister’s about to get married, the whole world seems like it’s going to the dogs. Patrick is a... More Info
A Dreamscape: Gambling in
Diving into a looking glass rivaling that of Lewis Carroll, Dutch filmmaker Bernie Nijdis plays a modern day de Tocqueville and takes a protracted... More Info
A Family Affair
Northern California Premiere Rachel, a nice Jewish woman from New York City, is getting married to Christine, a nice blond woman from San Diego. But... More Info