Accordion Tribe

Accordion Tribe

Accordion Tribe

Running Time: 87 mins

United States Premiere

The Accordion Tribe has a seemingly impossible mission: to return their long disregarded instrument to the worldwide recognition it once enjoyed as a powerhouse of emotions.

â??You have to have a very thick skin if you are trying to play accordion and take it seriously,â? admits New Yorker Guy Klucevsek, who was dismayed to learn as a student that his instrument wasn't taught in music colleges. Klucevsek hooks up with blind Austrian jazz accordionist Otto Lechner, who has been playing and composing for the accordion since the age of four, as well as the Finnish Maria Kalaniemi, Swedish accordionist Lars Hollmer, and Slovenian new-waver Bratko Bibic to form the tribe.

As their tour bus journeys through Europe, resplendent with rich musical heritage, the unlikely ensemble embraces the past and searches for new beginnings. Accompanied by exciting aural landscapes of trancelike intensity, Accordion Tribe is a magnificent showcase for the transforming power of music and an enjoyable road movie wrapped up in one stirring film

Tamee Tanoor

Screening with:
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