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Trench Road (Juoksuhaudan
North American Premiere Matti is a family man, content to prove his manhood by changing diapers and cooking. But his wife is bored not only with... More Info
While life on a quiet island off the Croation coast seems subdued and uneventful, underneath lay the disturbing emotional temblors of the human... More Info
"Not nearly enough movies begin with treasure maps." -- Roger Ebert Walter Hill's much overlooked film of 1992 is the story of a treasure hunt in... More Info
The lights dim and a shaggy haired man clad in tight jeans, striped shirt, white tuxedo jacket, and vintage Nike sneakers steps up to the microphone... More Info
US Premiere Science fiction fans will find a unique treat in Gary Boulton-Brown's directorial debut, Trinity, a one-of-a-kind genre bender that... More Info
“Nowadays it all seems to be a little less, a little more.”
True Fiction
All the films in this section portray the twist and turns that life sometimes takes. Ruth Orkin: Frames Of Life by Mary Engel depicts the life and... More Info
In a surreal, futuristic comedy that defies all expectations, a truffle hunter overcomes a bizarre diabolical plot.In a Montreal neighborhood,... More Info
Truth or Dare
At some time or other growing up we have all concealed a truth from our parents. But Annika has taken it to an extreme. A year before her final... More Info
Turn Right by the Yellow
North American Premiere. Philip is a successful architect, a single dad having a difficult time with his 16-year-old son. When he learns of his... More Info
Twenty Million People
The clever Casanova finally meets his match. This isn't your typical romantic comedy. Brian believes all relationships are doomed from the start, but... More Info
Twilight of the Golds
An outstanding ensemble cast highlights this powerful and thought-provoking film as part of our tribute to Jennifer Beals. Suzanne (Beals) and her... More Info