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Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai) gives a masterful performance in director Lee San-il's poetic Japanese remake of Clint Eastwood's Academy Award-... More Info
Cinequest is thrilled to present the United States Premiere of director Magnus Martens' magnificent United, an inspiring tale of becoming a hero when... More Info
There is no bottom David discovers, as his already fragile world crumbles beneath him. Enduring life with his terminally ill father, mentally... More Info
You know Paganini on the violin, Jimi Hendrix on the guitar. Now meet the virtuosi of ... the leaf!
World PremiereMedical School. First year. First day. Students are thrown into their Gross Anatomy class where they see their own mortalities... More Info
Is a good life measured by its length, or by its depth?
Which is really the "wrong" side of the tracks?
Urban Feel
Will connecting with the one we love free us from despair and want? What if the despair and longing are from what we love? This is the world of the... More Info
USA Sketches of the Soul
It's called "soul-searching" for a reason; when one's at a point in their life where the many roads of their identity diverge, and they must choose... More Info
Vampires Anonymous
It gets lonely eating the ones you love. Sure, they taste great and all, but making new friends is a bitch. Paul Popowich stars as Vic Weller, a big-... More Info
Michael has just woken into his nightmare. For years he has been plagued with psychotic visions of unthinkable medical experiments being performed on... More Info
Vares - Private Eye
Fans of high-octane action will not want to miss Vares – Private Eye, a stylish adventure film and the first movie adaptation of the popular Finnish... More Info