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Warrior Woman
It takes the strength of a warrior to overcome the past.
Warsaw (Warszawa)
Inspired by director Dariusz Gajewski’s own experience in this magical metropolis, Warsaw is a touching film about the duality of the big city.... More Info
Wax: We Are The X
Introducing the first "selfie" film - but not in the way you think it is.
We All Fall Down
"Fast, funny, visually hip, but with a freshness." Variety, among other industry trades, has some strong words for writer/director Davide Ferrario's... More Info
We Are Dad
Born HIV positive, Bert is a 13-year-old, raised since he was weeks old by his foster parents. But now that it has been determined that he is HIV... More Info
Wanted: proof of life after death.
We Just Tellin' Stories
The word "just" has no part in the incredible work of the Medea Project. Lawrence Andrews' latest film illustrates the work of the women of the Medea... More Info
We Went To War
Over 40 years later, their story continues. In 1970, Michael Grisby's acclaimed film, I Was a Soldier, followed three young veterans as they returned... More Info
We Were Children
A story of innocence: Not Lost. Stolen. For over 130 years, the Indian Residential School system plucked generations worth of Aboriginal children... More Info
A visceral, profoundly affecting, masterful drama, exploring the high stakes when choosing between love, anger, and tradition in contemporary Iran.
Witty banter abounds between two sisters who tease each other almost as much as they need each other.
Welcome Home
A conflicted love-letter to a city and a woman in constant states of self-renewal. Crafting a psychologically intense drama that reveals three... More Info