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The Trio
When one thinks of German cinema, "intimate comedies" do not immediately come to mind. That is what makes The Trio such a treasure. A band of petty... More Info
The Truth?
Can we ever know the truth, or is it too changeable and elusive, always just beyond our grasp?A riveting, complex tale of espionage, manipulation,... More Info
Separated in infancy, linked together through kinship
Irina Bjorklund (The American), Harry Hamiln (LA Law), and Edoardo Ballerini (The Sopranos) come together in this multi-narrative drama examining the... More Info
The Understudy
"To be or not to be" takes on a new and dizzy meaning in this delightful tale of existential angst and mistaken identity. Sam Bennet may be a two-bit... More Info
The setting is Silicon Valley: Neal has it all: the foreign cars, the Palo Alto mansion, a stunning wife…but that all crashes when tragedy strikes. A... More Info
The Verdict
Law is not the same as justice.
The Village Barbershop
Two people, one forbidden place, an unlikely friendshipWelcome to The Village Barbershop, where women are prohibited and the men peacefully read... More Info
First came the rockslide...then the tsunami.
The Weather Underground
"Hello, I'm going to read a declaration of a state of war...within the next 14 days we will attack a symbol or institution of American injustice." -... More Info
The West Wittering Affair
The West Wittering Affair is a romantic-sex-comedy of errors about four confused love-hungry Londoners for whom life can never be the same after one... More Info
The Wild Bunch
Hidden treasures can be found in the vaults of Warner Bros. Studios, and the newest from filmmaker/writer Paul Seydor is one of the greatest... More Info