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USA Sketches of the Soul
It's called "soul-searching" for a reason; when one's at a point in their life where the many roads of their identity diverge, and they must choose... More Info
Vampires Anonymous
It gets lonely eating the ones you love. Sure, they taste great and all, but making new friends is a bitch. Paul Popowich stars as Vic Weller, a big-... More Info
Michael has just woken into his nightmare. For years he has been plagued with psychotic visions of unthinkable medical experiments being performed on... More Info
Vares - Private Eye
Fans of high-octane action will not want to miss Vares – Private Eye, a stylish adventure film and the first movie adaptation of the popular Finnish... More Info
Great friendship prevails over tremendous adversity in 1980s India.
Verflixt Verliebt
Miro, an Argentinian biology student, falls madly in love with Mercedes, an actress in a local play. When Miro is mistaken for a famous Argentinian... More Info
Creating your dream house can be a nightmare.
Viewers' Voice Winners
Thousands of independent film lovers, filmmakers, and distributors have screened and selected short and feature films on Cinequest Online for... More Info
Villa Paranoia
A satire, psychological drama and comedy rolled into one, director Erik Clausen’s Villa Paranoia adeptly draws upon rich characters, who demonstrate... More Info
Village of Dreams
Rural, post World War II Japan. Twin boys Yukihiko and Seizo greet the world each day with a sense of wonder and brash self-confidence that the... More Info
Village Without Women
In the tiny backcountry Serbian village of Zabrdje, the men work hard and the women – are missing.Film sponsored by Larry Douglas.
Can Vincent’s crazy French aunt convince him that life is worth living?