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Violet Perfume (Nobody He
Heartbreaking and profoundly moving, Maryse Sistach's Violet Perfume (Nobody Hears You) captures both the pain of its characters as well as their... More Info
Violin (Xiao Ti Qing)
World Premiere Wu is unemployed and unfulfilled. While helping his mother sell newspapers on the streets of Shanghai, Wu finds a violin and feels... More Info
Just how low will they go for a YouTube sensation?
Virtual Vampire
Merz is a scientific phenomenon. A jobless, middle-aged alcoholic, he finds his world defined by a surreal and hypnotic atmosphere. A young... More Info
Visible World
There's a man with binoculars at the window, watching the people across the street. And he's definitely not James Stewart.Film Sponsored by Applied... More Info
Vote For Me!
How thin is the line between politics and madness? The exuberant comedy, Vote For Me!, set in El Barrio, New York City, finds out in one of the... More Info
First, go on a deep space mission with Mac, Cheez and Peas. Then, enter a suite of narrative musical pieces inspired by Walt Disney’s Fantasia.
Celebrate through amazing performances with the likes of Natalie Portman and Don Cheadle, and then experience a harrowing battle scene during WWII.
Find yourself in a fantasy world filled with gnomes and goblins; journey into a space that seems from a Miyazaki film; then, be amazed by an... More Info
Ever wondered what it’s like coming face-to-face with an 80-foot blue whale, or what it’s like to chase after someone through a huge house? Then,... More Info
Experience the Academy Award-nominated "Pearl" in VR, and tour a stunning VR city created specifically for Cinequest audiences in "Hypatia."
Travel the world in stunning Live 360 landscapes, then settle in and explore the collision of science and spirit in a remote Australian desert.