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The Works
Victor has had enough. Working for a faceless corporation, ignored and unappreciated, he is confronted with an insult even he cannot ignore—his... More Info
The World According to Io
Once upon a time, in a trash-strewn Bucharest backstreet, lived a forgotten man whose astonishing collection of artwork went unnoticed for 22 years.... More Info
The World of Taub
World Premiere There are a few shining people put on this earth that simply must have a film made about them. These people don't include celebrities... More Info
The Year We Thought About Love
A theater troupe of LGBTQ youth create and share their powerful story of LOVE.
An aching portrait of a life denied and a family cruelly separated by a corrupt justice system in a world where Mexican lives count for less than... More Info
A woman and her physician husband rent an old mansion for the summer
The Young Unknowns
"Catherine Jelski's feature debut, The Young Unknowns, is the movie Hurlyburly wanted to be: an indictment of Hollywood inheritors who, with their... More Info
Cinequest’s 2017 program is filled with passion that elevates us to laugh, be inspired and thrilled, to celebrate, to think innovatively, and to... More Info
Theatre Svoboda
He was perhaps the most influential scenographer in the world, yet you may never have heard his name.
Some people run away from their problems. She ran to fix them.Film Sponsored by Applied Materials
There Will Be No Stay
A journey of compassion and consequence through a process shrouded in secrecy.
Third World
A mysterious eclipse may be the extraordinary solution to the ordinary lives that three young Latin Americans are trying to escape.Film Sponsored by... More Info