Virtual Reality

Enter the Exhilarating New World of Virtual Reality!

Cinequest, the longtime leader in showcasing the integration of Silicon Valley technological innovation with filmed media, has now become the place to experience the new world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Cinequest has always focused on empowering artists and innovators, and connecting their creations to the audiences who appreciate and love their work. Welcome to the Cinequest VR Experience, occurring March 7 - 10, concurrent with the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival.

Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival 2019 - Virtual Reality Events

VR Cinema Programs

Enjoy 20 minute cinematic VR content experiences including what's new and what's amazing in VR story-telling. Learn More >

VR Experience Lounge

The Cinequest VR Experience Lounge will provide hospitality as well as VR Gaming and Arcade experiences. Learn More >

VR Workshops

Empower yourself via the following workshops on these leading-edge topics during Cinequest VR, March 7-10. Workshops will occur at the VR Experience Lounge. Learn More >