To Have and Have Not

TJR review

Bronx-born model Lauren Bacall was only 19 in 1944 when she starred in “To Have and Have Not,” with Humphrey Bogart, 25 years her senior. Their chemistry on screen was palpable. Bogie and Bacall were married four months after shooting the movie and stayed married until Bogie’s death in 1957.

The movie is about fighting the Vichy French on the island of Martinique during WWII (we won). The dialogue is first-class. Hemingway wrote the novel and Faulkner wrote the screenplay. Bogie plays Bogie - the same part he played in Casablanca and Key Largo - the loner tough-guy who says he won’t help but does anyway. The critics gave it a 97% rating. This movie is one reason why we still talk about Bogie 86 years after it was made.

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There are 13/13 good reviews. Even the bad reviewers liked this one.