Little Women

TJR review

This is the seventh remake of the famous novel. It’s about a widow and her daughters struggling to get by after the civil war. It is one of my top five movies of 2019, directed by Greta Gerwig, the German art-film actress. Men: you will get 100% “chick flick” credit for a movie that you will actually like.

Roger Moore 88/100 (good reviewer)

Gerwig’s concocted a fresh, frothy and fun take on a timeworn classic, the perfect family film for the holidays.

James Berardinelli 75/100 (good reviewer)

Gerwig is trying for something a little different, juggling the time frame and creating a “meta” ending to make the story’s feminist themes overt and incorporate an ambiguous “twist” that some will see as clever and others may find heretical.

Joshua Rowin 63/100 (always a no-name)

SLANT (always bad)

Individual scenes are set to the rhythm of the young women’s conversations, which at times approach Gilmore Girls-level warp speed. [Huh?]