TJR review

As long as we’re in a crisis, it’s nice to see a movie from the last crisis (the 2008 crash that was going to ruin America…) which proves that life will go on. In "The Big Short," Christian Bale plays offbeat fund manager Michael Burry who cleans up by calling B.S. on the dubious mortgage securities marketed before the 2008 crash. With Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt and Selena Gomez?who explains perfectly what a “synthetic CDO” is!

Mick LaSalle (good reviewer)

Simply the most relentlessly entertaining film of the last few months. Read full review

James Berardinelli (good reviewer)


Using gallows humor, likable protagonists, and a variety of nonstandard filmmaking techniques (like having characters address the audience directly), McKay maintains a high level of energy for more than two hours and dares us to become bored. Read full review

Zach Lewis (asshole)


Its fourth-wall-breaking wags a finger at the perceived facile nature of celebrity-driven mass culture even as it ultimately condescends to audiences. Read full review

Melissa Anderson (asshole)

Village Voice

McKay's bumptious movie awkwardly combines fourth-wall-breaking gimmickry and flaccid indignation with the goofball energy that defines his comedies. Read full review