Panelist 1: Brian Hofer

Brian Hofer

Brian Hofer, Chair and Executive Director of Secure Justice, is at the forefront of the battle to safeguard privacy and civil liberties in the San Francisco Bay Area. His journey began in 2014, when he mobilized against the Orwellian Domain Awareness Center in Oakland. Since then, Brian has led the charge for surveillance reform, establishing oversight committees and crafting groundbreaking ordinances.

Notable achievements include co-authoring the nation's first Sanctuary City ordinance and pioneering initiatives to restrict the use of invasive surveillance technology. Brian's expertise has earned him recognition, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Pioneer Award. 

A sought-after speaker and consultant, Brian shares his insights at prestigious conferences and universities, amplifying the importance of digital rights. Through Secure Justice, he continues to advocate for a future where privacy and civil liberties are protected for all.

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Panelist 2: Albert Gehami

Albert serves as the City of San Jose's Digital Privacy Officer, overseeing the privacy component of new technology and City data initiatives. He leads public engagement on digital privacy, makes determinations on privacy assessments, and improves the transparency, accuracy, security, and equity of the City's data usage.

Previously, Albert served as the City's first data scientist, informing resource allocation for youth programs, evaluating emergency vehicle response, and improving city services. His past work continues to directly inform over $20 million in annual City spending.

Albert's previous experience also includes private and public sector consulting at Boston Consulting Group, where he worked on data privacy, policy, regulatory decision-making, and digital transformation across public and private clients. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master's in Public Policy from Stanford University.

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Albert Gehami

Panelist 3: Khaled Tawfik

Khaled Tawfik

Khaled's professional journey began with significant roles in the private sector, contributing expertise to companies like Supply Access, Inc. and EDS Electronic Data Systems. With a solid foundation in engineering, Khaled also served as the Engineering Director at Reveal Computer Products. 

Complementing their extensive practical experience, Khaled earned an MBA in Business Administration and Management from UC Irvine in 2020, reflecting a dedication to continual growth and education. As a visionary leader, Khaled Tawfik continues to pioneer cutting-edge IT solutions, driving efficiency and excellence in government services to benefit communities at large.

With a robust background spanning over two decades in information technology, Khaled Tawfik currently holds the esteemed position of Chief Information Officer/Director at the City of San José since April 2022. Prior to this, Khaled served as the Chief Information Officer at the City of Irvine and Chief, Information Technology at the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, where they spearheaded transformative initiatives in digital innovation.

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Panelist 4: Abby Queale

Abby Queale began her career in technology transfer at Florida State University (FSU) as Associate General Counsel and Senior Licensing Manager where she licensed an institutional record number of inventions and creative works to the marketplace. 

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Abby left FSU to lead MagCorp, a technology development partner of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, as its founding CEO and developed a new model for technology development partnerships between the public and private sectors by successfully negotiating a novel master research and intellectual property agreement with FSU.

Abby is the Director of the Office of Innovation, City of San Jose. She is a registered patent attorney and is published in both the legal and engineering fields. 

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Abby Queale

Moderator: Scott McGrew

Scott McGrew

Scott McGrew, a seasoned anchor and reporter, excels at navigating the realms of entrepreneurship and venture capital. As the host of "Press:Here" on NBC Bay Area, he orchestrates engaging discussions between prominent technology reporters and Silicon Valley CEOs. Airing Sundays at 9 am, "Press:Here" offers viewers an insider's perspective into the dynamic tech world. Joined by contributors from esteemed outlets like BBC and Forbes, Scott's adept communication skills and deep understanding of the subject matter have earned him acclaim as a favorite TV anchor, as recognized by the San Francisco Chronicle. With integrity and storytelling prowess, Scott McGrew continues to lead the dialogue on tech innovation, earning respect across audiences and industry circles.

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