22nd of May

22nd of May

Running Time: 88 mins

Can you stop something you never could have predicted?

Sam is an ordinary man. He works at a shopping mall as a security guard and does not take his job too seriously. He has his morning routine, heads off to work and comes home at night. Repeat, endlessly. But not today. Things will never be the same as Sam arrives at work. Is it his lack of intuition, or his inability to pick up on personal cues that leaves him unaware of the troubled individual entering the mall? Boom. An incident. What has happened? Something unpredictable.

Lives and their individual tales are hypnotically woven together throughout Koen Mortier’s (Ex-Drummer) second feature in highly unexpected ways. Sam feels responsible for the incident as mall-goers make him re-live the many what-ifs, and he begins to second guess his actions before the tragedy. 22nd of May makes for a impressive mix of image and sound for a visually stunning and emotionally intense cinematic experience.

- Kylie Brusch

Film screening sponsored by the Applied Materials Foundation

United States Premiere
Koen Mortier
Glynn Speeckaert
Principal Cast:
Sam Louwyck, Titus De Voogdt, Jan Hammenecker, Wim Willaert, Norman Baert, Steffi Peeters, Barbara Callewaert, Gunter Lamoot
Nico Leunen
Eurydice Gysel
Dutch, French with English subtitles
The Bony King of Nowhere; Mike Gallagher