19 Revolutions

19 Revolutions

Running Time: 92 mins

A modern-day Robin Hood, Guru steals food to give to the poor in urban India. But this is merely a token gesture in Guru’s long range plan to alter the widening gap between the “haves,” of which he is one, and the “have-nots,” in what he views as his culturally corrupt country. Enlisting the beautiful Shireen and his newfound friend, Nezar, who is embarrassed to admit to Shireen that he makes coffee at her local coffeehouse, the three question the ethics and morals of their society.

Determined to change the nature of India, they embark on a noble cause, which they name 19 Revolutions, a plan bankrolled by ways of the grand heist of a well-to-do industrialist. But nothing is quite how it seems, and in trying to liberate Indian society from its perceived failures, the three young protagonists confront their own secret fears and foibles.

Director Sridhar Reddy offers a unique view of Indian society as seen by its disaffected youth. His story reveals that class distinction is still very much an issue in a society that has allegedly left the caste system behind. 19 Revolutions is both entertaining and provocative, and its message is universal to those who question the mores of all modern societies

Sandy Wolf


Sridhar Reddy
Ajayan Vincent
Principal Cast:
Tarun Arora, Sriya Reddy, Vishwaa Raj, Gulshan Grover
Sreekar Prasad
Sridhar Reddy
English, Hindi
Sridhar Reddy