VR Cinema Program 7

VR Cinema Program 7

Running Time: 31 mins

Dear Angelica by Oculus Story Studio

The story of Jessica, a teenage girl looking back on the stories her mom told her as a child. As she recreates these vivid landscapes in her mind, you’re pulled into the magical and dreamlike worlds of her memories.

Night Fall by Milou Kwee

A beautiful ballet piece that is mesmerizing in VR.

Zika Virus 360: Inside the Epidemic's Center in Recife by Jean Yves Chainon and Carole Chainon. Produced by Jean Yves Chainon and Louis Jebb. A co-production by JYC LLC and immersiv.ly

In this immersive visit to the epidemic's center in Recife, documentarians tour the city's hospitals to meet with mothers, parents, and doctors to have a more in-depth look at the health crisis and learn what are the real risks associated to the Zika virus, what are the actual numbers, and how are parents of affected newborns dealing with this challenge?