Writers Celebration Part 2 - Business Of Writing Forum

Writers Celebration Part 2 - Business Of Writing Forum

Running Time: 90 mins

Part 2: Business of Writing Forum

Yoshihiro Uchida Hall at San Jose State University

It may be an age-old conflict between art and commerce, but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s called Show Business. You’ve written, rewritten, and touched up your script. You’re proud of it. You’re confident it’s just the way you want it. Now it’s time to get it shot, distributed, and screened. It’s time for the often daunting business part of the process. It’s a tough nut to crack but take heart. Join us for an informative and inspiring forum on the Business of Writing, where knowledgeable and experienced industry players guide you through the abundant avenues to get your screenplay produced. We’ll clue you into the various agencies, competitions, independent producers, production companies, and studios that are eager for high-quality content.


Carol Leifer, Writer for Seinfeld, The Ellen Show, The Larry Sanders Show, and more
Josie Liang, VP, Acquisitions, and Production, Sierra Affinity (Entertainment One)
Ryan Black, Head of Acquisitions & Development, Grindstone Entertainment Group (Lionsgate)