VR Workshops

VR Workshops

Running Time: Varies mins

How To Make Great VR


Virtual Reality sounds amazing, but how do I make one, or better put, how do I make a great VR experience. As challenging as it is to create a movie, VR brings a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. Cinequest, a bastion of empowering artists and producers with the tech and wisdom to make their visions real, presents you with an exciting series of workshops on the how-to’s of VR from vision to headsets.

Fri, Mar. 3

11:00am - 12:30pm SJ Stage VR Workshop #1: Animation (Eric Darnell)

Dive into animation and storytelling in VR with the extraordinary Eric Darnell (Madagascar, Invasion!) as he discusses the ability to elicit powerful emotional experiences through the development of empathetic connections between the audience and the characters and great story-telling. The VR animation world will be visited with aplomb and keen insight.

Sat, Mar. 4

12:30pm - 2:00pm Uchida Hall Unity Workshop: Cinematic VR

How do you tell a story in virtual reality? Join us to discover the tools, mechanics, and techniques VR pioneers are using to bring their visions to life in this innovative new medium. As the leading platform for VR development, Unity powers one of the largest creative communities in the world. This workshop will cover the fundamentals and opportunity of cinematic VR, offer sneak peeks into new technology, and provide demonstrations of development steps.

3:30pm - 5:00pm SJ Stage VR Workshop # 2: Directing & Writing (Eugene Chung)

Listen in to the renowned Director Eugene Chung (Allumette) of Penrose Studio as he presents the transformation of Writing and Directing in VR exploring logistics, immersive storytelling, photography, as well as an overview of how the various creative departments are affected by the VR world.

Sun, Mar. 5

11:00am - 12:30pm SJ Stage VR Workshop # 3: Sound Design (Tim Gedemer)

Join Tim Gedemer, CEO of Source Sound, as he goes through the various aspects of sound design and music throughout VR experiences including cinematic, live-broadcast, and game-based VR content. As important as the sound is in a movie, it’s way more important in VR.

1:00pm - 4:00pm SJ Stage Samsung Gear 360 Workshop

Become a 360 filmmaker! The Samsung Developer Program team is hosting a half-day, hands-on workshop that will cover basic principles and best practices of 360 filmmaking. Learn how to use the Samsung Gear 360 camera to capture, edit and publish immersive 360 content. All attendees will be entered to win their very own Gear 360 Camera! (This event is by registration only)

4:30pm - 6:00pm SJ Stage VR Workshop #4: Art Direction (David Sapienza)

David Sapienza, Executive Producer and Director of VR at HTC Vive, takes us through the exciting and integral component of Art Direction and Production Design throughout VR. VR opens up grand vistas for the director and production designer to create for audiences, yet the immersive space brings challenges to both production and animation.

Sat, Mar. 11

3:30pm - 5:00 pm SJ Stage VR Workshop #5: Post-Production (Craig Waxman)

Craig Waxman, CNN's chief VR Producer, takes audiences through the best practices and recommendation of Post-Production workflow in VR accented with exciting stories from the work he has produced around the world.