Barco Escape - Mr. Invincible

Barco Escape - Mr. Invincible

Running Time: 90 mins

Joe King (Jordan Ray Fox) has a problem. He can't kill himself. Worse, at a moment of supposed death, he sees his future (not his past) flash before his eyes—a future driven by an adventure with the outrageous Tallulah (Alyson Stoner, Step Up). Jaw-droppingly funny, Mr. Invincible's ratcheting tension has you eagerly anticipating what lies around the next corner. When Joe's broken heart can't be mended, killing himself seems like the only way out. But fate has other plans. Try as he may, over and over and over again, Joe cannot close the deal and die. When cell phone videos of his suicide attempts go viral, a star, Mr. Invincible, is born. But dogged by sinister premonitions of his future with the unwelcome Tallulah, Joe embarks on a wild quest to gain the upper hand. Can Mr. Invincible wrest away control of his future, or must he plunge into the roiling current of Tallulah and fate? As premonitions are fulfilled, a cast of surreal characters fly in and out of view, blurring what Joe thought was an all-too-clear picture. Fate may be unyielding, but nothing is ever absolutely certain. Mr. Invincible turns true love, mobsters, kismet, celebrity, and family (Bill Engvall, Blue Collar Comedy Tour) deliciously inside out. It's a hilarious, super fun ride.

Presented by Cinequest's new studio division and sister company, Mr. Invincible is written by Cinequest Screenplay Competition Winner, Stacie Shellner, produced by Halfdan Hussey and Kathleen J. Powell, and directed by Vijay Rajan. Mr. Invincible features Cinequest trademark integrations of innovations that have revolutionized and continue to reshape artist opportunities and audience experiences. Mr. Invincible will release theatrically in Barco Escape three-screen immersive format (Summer 2016), and be the first fully realized Barco Escape feature. A one-screen version of the film will release subsequently in all home entertainment media.

Work In Progress screening of this film.

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