Barco Escape 1: Short Films

Barco Escape 1

Barco Escape 1: Short Films

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Utilizing Barco innovations to look at our cinematic experiences in a fresh way, this stunning and exhilarating series of short Films will take you into new worlds in new ways. It's a program guaranteed to entertain, move, and thrill. (click to view the full Future of Film line-up)

The 9th Hole
A hilarious look at a father “protecting” his daughter on prom night. For every happy face on a girl preparing for prom, comes the fearful minds of their fathers. Director: Pierre Marks; Producers: Stephen Nguyen, Jacob Ohlhausen, Dillon Adams; Writer: Michael Rosa

A recalcitrant father puts his twenty-year-old daughter through heroin withdrawal. Hallucinating, she recalls the loss of her mother and the story of the pain that drove her to start using heroin. Alternately frightening and moving, it is a film about the ferocity of love that a father shows his daughter. Producers/Directors: Vijay Rajan and Oscar Arguello, Jr.; Writer: Vijay Rajan

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in concert (select songs)
Immerse in this spellbinding collaboration between Lady Gaga and legendary Tony Bennett through a visual feast of music.

In a post-apocalyptic world, where water is scarce, a woman goes on a rigorous journey to deliver what’s left of her water supply to the one she loves. Will she save her sister or die trying? Producers/Directors: Kourosh Ahari, Stephen Nguyen, Stephen Alvin, Lisa Laymon, Eric Anderson and AC Sico

Burning Man
Annually, thousands assemble for one of the world’s most astonishing communities of public art and radical self-expression. This is your chance to experience Burning Man like it’s never been seen before.

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