Cinequest 22 Films By Section

CQ22 Films By Section

Cinequest 22 Films By Section

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Opening Night: The Lady
Closing Night: The Deep Blue Sea

Maverick Competition
Cinequest Film Festival 22 celebrates the Maverick Spirit with the Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Narrative, Best Short Animated Film, Best Short Documentary, Best Student Film, Best Feature Narrative and Maverick Spirit Award. Cinequest is honored that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has elected to recognize the Cinequest Film Festival as a qualifying festival in the Short Films category for the annual Academy Awards®. Recipients of the Best Short Narrative and Best Short Animation Awards will qualify for consideration for an Academy Award®.
Maverick Narrative Competition
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Almost In Love
Beat Down
Children of the Green Dragon
Come As You Are
The Good Son
How I Was Stolen By The Germans
How To Cheat
Hunting Season
I'm Yours
Mariachi Gringo
Old Goats
Somewhere Else
Sons of Norway

Maverick Documentary Competition
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Battle of the Queens
Bel Borba is Here
Close to Heaven
Code 2600
Invisible Strings: The Talented Pusker Sisters
The Island President
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
Money and Medicine
No Look Pass
Theatre Svoboda
Unfinished Spaces

Short Film Competition
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Program 1: Beginning, Middle, End
Program 2: Over Land, Over Sea
Program 3: Give-and-Take
Program 4: Animated Worlds
Program 5: Mindbenders
Program 6: Whirls and Currents
Program 7: Comedy Favorites
Program 8: Student Short Film Competition

Spotlight Screenings
Amongst the superb International program of Maverick artistry that Cinequest presents, we always find some very special films and artists that captivate and inspire us. It is an honor for us to present these exceptional events that add an incredible topping to the festival. One thing is for sure, though; they are all exciting discoveries that add to the experience you can only get at Cinequest.
The Bully Project
Four Lovers
The Good Doctor
Let the Bullets Fly
L!fe Happens
The Movement: One Man Joins An Uprising
Past Summer
Silent Cinema: Faust

New Visions Competition
New Visions pays homage to the director whose film best reflects the future of filmmaking. Previous winners of the New Visions Award have gone on to garner more awards, receive distribution and “wow” audiences around the globe after their Cinequest premiere—continuing to prove their artistry through creative, stimulating and mind-altering films that exhibit the new dimension of cinema.
Cheap Fun
Delusions of Grandeur
Forgetting the Girl
George the Hedgehog
The Ghastly Love of Johnny X
The Harsh Light of Day
Must Come Down
Percival's Big Night
Portrait of a Zombie
Small, Beautifully Moving Parts
Sunflower Hour
Warrior Woman
Worth the Weight

Global Landscapes Competition
This year’s dazzling Global Landscapes program offers a collection of artistic achievements that span the globe, and we proudly present here these unique visions, cultures and creeds. Demonstrating a depth of imagination and variety of subject matter that can only be explored by diversity, this showcase offers views from some of the new voices investigating fresh themes in unique ways. Global Landscapes is always an extraordinary group of films, spotlighting cultures whose influence has a significant global impact on the changing face of cinema.
Best Intentions
Black Tulip
Five Hours South
Happy New Year, Grandma!
Heavy Girls
Identity Card
Kill Me Please
King Curling
The King
Love, Wrinkle-free
Mixed Kebab
The Other Family
P.O.V. - A Cursed Film
Stormland (Rokland)
A Trip
Visible World
White As Snow

Cinequest Film Festival 22