Emerging Maverick Award - Michael Miller

Michael Miller Emerg Mav

Emerging Maverick Award - Michael Miller

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Sunday, March 4th - 5pm to 7pm at the Silicon Valley Capital Club

The Silicon Valley Capital Club has provided the perfect kitchen where award-winning chef Michael Miller has been able to express his expert culinary skills. Chef Miller has received awards from "Best New Restaurant" in San Francisco Magazine 2001, to "Best Chef in the Bay Area" in Metro 2002, to the Michelin Star Chef, amongst several others. Chef Miller is always in search of new ways to cater to his customers, continuously looking into current trends and concepts from Sous Vibe and Molecular Gastronomy cooking methods. Chef Miller has adopted several unique cooking techniques to enhance his dishes, such as his use and drying of fresh herbs, and his use of prime "grass-fed" beef. Besides Chef Miller's endless assortments of innovative and flavorful dishes, he will also, upon request, develop and prepare a menu for a special occasion. When Chef Miller isn't devising the perfect menu, he is constantly broadening his access to local organic farms, in order to work with only the freshest of ingredients. For a memorable evening, dine at the Silicon Valley Capital Club where Chef Miller will electrify you with an unparalleled meal.

Experience Cinequest like never before as we showcase culinary mastery and its fusion of the creative and the innovative. During this marquee event of our soiree series, we celebrate award-winning chef and restaurateur Michael Mina and executive chef and culinary innovator Michael Miller as they delve into the art and science behind fine dining. This capstone evening takes place at the pinnacle of downtown atop the Knight Ridder building at the Silicon Valley Capitol Club. Newly renovated, with a breathtaking 360-degree view, this prestigious venue serves as our background to a luxurious evening. After hors d'oeuvres prepared by the chefs and delightful yet complex wines poured by top wineries, KCBS Foodie Chap, Liam Mayclem, moderates a conversation with two chefs on artistic style and innovative techniques that affect their cooking. As the affair comes to a close, we conclude with presenting the coveted Maverick Spirit Award to Michael Mina and the Emerging Maverick Award to Michael Miller.

Sponsored by KCBS and the Silicon Valley Capital Club

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