Forum - Making An Impact-Film As A Force For Good

Making An Impact Film As

Forum - Making An Impact-Film As A Force For Good

Running Time: 90 mins

March 7th - 7:15pm at the San Jose Repertory Theatre

Join us for a lively discussion about how film, as an art form, can lead to social action and positive change in the world.

The presentation by Bay Area-based directors Dana Nachman and Don Hardy of the critically acclaimed documentaries Witch Hunt and Love Hate Love will include a sneak-peek at the team's current documentary in production, The Human Experiment, which deals with a major environmental issue affecting all of us.

The panel will describe its plan to unroll a social engagement campaign along with the film's release aimed at empowering audiences to take action based on what they've learned. Then, the filmmakers will open the discussion to the audience to exchange ideas on what they would like to see and how they think films can make the largest impact on the world. This interactive conversation will help shape the plans for how The Human Experiment will be used to achieve social change, allowing audience members to be a part of the ultimate impact the film will have.

- Mike Rabehl

Cinequest Film Festival 22