Forum - Rough Cut

Rough Cut Forum

Forum - Rough Cut

Running Time: 120 mins

Tuesday, March 6th - 9:30pm at the San Jose Repertory Theatre

Always wanted to tell directors what they should have done to make their film work? Here's your chance.

A director has shot his/her film, made the first edit, and the real work begins...going from the initial cut to a final polished ready for the world to see film. In this forum, you will get an inside perspective from filmmakers on what that process is from a real rough cut of the latest Spartan Films Studios Feature Always Learning, written and directed by Robert Krakower. After a screening of the film, a panel of filmmakers will join the audience to analyze the process and give advice to the director on how to finish the film successfully.

Last years forum selection, Cheap Fun, is now an official 2012 Cinequest selection. The panel of filmmakers and audience allowed the director an unprecedented opportunity to finish the film. Dont miss your chance to participate this year.

Cinequest Film Festival 22