Maverick Artist & Innovator Forums - Make It Easy, Make It Great - Presented by Nokia


Maverick Artist & Innovator Forums - Make It Easy, Make It Great - Presented by Nokia

Running Time: 90 mins

Sunday, March 6th from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm at Camera 12 Cinemas

Make It Easy, Make It Great
Nokia: Mobile Cinematography - Please Turn On Your Mobile Phone

Presented by Nokia.

Join a stellar group of presenters, including an Academy Award Winner, to understand the exciting opportunities that break-through mobile cinema offers artists, producers and all individuals wanting to create great short form video for friends and family. This presentation combines visual demos with insider information about exciting topics including:

  • An overview of mobile innovations (especially N8 phone cameras) and how they can benefit fast, cheap, yet very high quality filmmaking.
  • A documentarian shows how mobile, ultra-small, yet high capacity, cameras, can radically assist filmmaking especially in challenging and even dangerous situations.
  • Mobile devices can be used spontaneously when the idea strikes - either for final product or proof of principle. Also, think the purposefully homemade-looking, but massively successful Blair Witch Project.
  • Shooting with your phone does not have to mean compromising quality anymore. Meet the new CameraPro and VideoPro applications from BLStream, armed with sophisticated special effects, HDR, digital filters and real-time preview. Built around user-extensible architecture, enabled with UI designed for flexibility and ease of operation.
  • Hear from the creator of Pocketbooth, a vintage photobooth simulator for your mobile phone that allows you to create some of the world's shortest shorts: a 4-frame filmstrip narrative.
  • LiveCast - Complete Mobile News Team in a Box. Ideal for a live multi-camera shoot of a newsworthy event. Live video stream can be output for viewing on many platforms, while concurrently being archived on the cloud.
  • Marketing and Distribution aids:
    • iMatte - Sister company to Ultimatte, inventor of the Hollywood “blue screen” technology. App is used in marketing - put out stills of your movie (independent movie or Hollywood blockbuster) and allows individuals to photograph their friends or themselves into a movie scene. Just position subject against a blank wall of any color. White label application, branded per movie.
    • Sh@re - put out movie trailers on a customized web based platform directly from the device, optimized for viewing on other mobile devices.

Moderated By: Jeffery Cooper - Jeffrey Cooper works at Nokia in part as a photography expert working with application developers to bring the best and latest camera and video application technology to Nokia's world class imaging phones. His background in business solutions rounds out his approach to photography- both as a business and a passion. In his spare time, he is a semi-professional photographer and one of the world's leading 3D photographers.

Panelists Include:

Tim Garrett - Tim Garrett is an artist living in the Midwest. For the past 14 years he has devoted time to the preservation and exploration of the vintage photobooth -- an iconic fixture of the American landscape. In 2005, he joined forces with film archivist Brian Meacham to create, an online repository of photobooth information and ephemera. tracks, among other things, every appearance of a photobooth in film. Garrett's art utilizes the familiar form of the photobooth (a strip of 4 photos) to create imagery that surprises and delights. In particular, he is fascinated by the cinematic quality of the photostrip and many of his photos experiment with the photostrip's inherent narrative. He likes to think of photostrips as some of the world's shortest shorts. (

Paul Gaylie - CTO PortNexus since 2008. CTO Boston Bar Systems 2003-2008. Independent Technology Consultant from 1992-2003. IBM Software Engineer 1982-1992.

William Mutual - A technology visionary, William has 20 years experience in the digital media field including many industry firsts. In 1995, he founded, which quickly became the world leader in event webcasting. William went on to establish venture-funded, POPcast Communications, the first automated personal video sharing service. Under his leadership the Company secured licensing agreements with such global players as Microsoft, Avid, Apple, Compaq, British Telecom, Sharp and JVC. With William’s founding of LiveCast in 2005, the company achieved numerous industry first within the mobile video streaming sector and has become the live video solution provider for: global broadcasters, homeland security, healthcare and mobile operators. LiveCast has created a significant arsenal of IP to enhance its value proposition for Enterprise and leads the world in servicing this massive, green field market opportunity.

Kari Nevil - Kari is currently directing global campaign for the ikeepsafe coalition, an Internet safety coalition collaborating with Microsoft, Symantec, Facebook, Cable in the Classroom and many movie studios for messaging relative to educating youth, parents and educators on the safe use of the Internet. She is also directing national advertising campaign for powis parker, iPad case designers. Kari is in development for her next feature film, a rock and roll romantic comedy. Casting begins May, 2011. She is also working with rock legend Ronnie Monstrose on his docu-concert series and is directing documentary for the HEAT Watch coalition to end human trafficking and sex enslavement in the United States. Always staying busy, she also just wrote and produced her first hip hop song with Nat Kendall of Santa Cruz (for the soundtrack of the HEAT Watch documentary) called "Not in My Backyard."

Eric Sanchez - Eric Sanchez has over 6 years experience in the luxury hospitality industry. As regional director for the annual luxury travel publication, Resorts & Great Hotels, Mr. Sanchez managed and developed new accounts in the Southwestern U.S. and the Pacific Rim. He graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1995 with a B.A. in Political Science. Soon after graduation he moved to New York City where he began his professional career as a national account executive for BSA Advertising. While at BSA he was responsible for developing new business and was successful in developing campaigns for divisions within NJ Transit and Hertz N.A.. Mr. Sanchez then moved into the pharmaceutical arena as a regional sales manager for Eli Lilly. With Eli Lilly Mr. Sanchez worked within their distinguished Neuroscience Division specializing in mood stabilizers (Prozac and Zyprexa). In 2007 Mr. Sanchez founded Kindll Marketing, LLC developers of QVew. QVew was officially introduced into the market place in the Summer of 2010.

Paul Vlahos - Paul founded Ultimatte Corp. in 1976 and continues as CEO. Founded iMatte Inc. in 2000 and serves as CEO. Inventions over the years have resulted in over twenty patents. Besides the Ultimatte matting devices used in the broadcast industry Paul pioneered the Virtual Studio in 1989. In 1993 Paul revolutionized the motion picture industry with the first software to win an Oscar. The KnockOut matte extraction software changed print graphics industry in 1999. This year Ultimatte will introduce Sightdeck, a unique production, distance collaboration display system, at NAB. Awards include a Maverick Award for technology from Cinequest Film Festival.

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