Day of the Writer - Crafting the Heart of Sci Fi: The Story

DOW Part One

Day of the Writer - Crafting the Heart of Sci Fi: The Story

Running Time: 90 mins

Friday, March 11th from 10:00 am to Noon at the University Theatre

Part One - Crafting the Heart of Sci Fi: The Story

Howard Suber, author of The Power of Film, a seminal book on screen writing, will team up with Cinequest to bring you a powerful presentation about getting to the heart of a memorable science fiction story. Although CGI and imagined realities brought to life on the big screen may be what lure in audiences, special effects alone can?t engage and haunt the viewer. Using films such as 2001, Alien, Blade Runner and Terminator as his examples, Suber will look beyond the spectacle of special effects to discover what moves the sci-fi audience, and the answer lies in the backbone of all great films: the screenplay.

Moderated by Howard Suber ? Geoffrey Gilmore, for many years the Director of the Sundance Film Festival, calls Howard Suber ?one of the foremost teachers of film in the world,? and in 46 years on the UCLA faculty, he has taught thousands of aspiring writers, directors, and producers. His new book, Letters to Young Filmmakers / Creativity and Getting Your Films Made will be published in 2011 and can be considered a companion to The Power of Film, which Francis Coppola called ?a remarkable work.?

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