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Maverick Artist & Innovator Forums - 3D Cinema

Running Time: 90 mins

3D Cinema
Saturday, February 27th from 1:30pm to 3:00pm at the Camera 12

What used to be known as the throwaway gimmick has recently created a revolutionary film going experience and film making opportunity. The new 3D is here, and this time, it looks ready to stay. Stereoscopic 3D provides a theatrical event unparalleled to date, and 3D rushes to the home entertainment space via 3D televisions and Blu-ray. Additionally, 3D has significantly enhanced computer media experiences from gaming to movies.

Yet with all technological enhancements, no matter how special it looks, if the content of the film remains subverted rather than enhanced, the audience will revolt. Presenters will demonstrate visually and via discussion successes and new opportunities for film lovers, film producers and artists in today and tomorrow's three-dimensional spaces. They will explore theatrical, television and stereo gaming 3D. The discussion and demos will focus on how opportunities can foster better storytelling and overall audience experience, and will also talk about the opportunities to make 3D available to a wider range of budgets – high-quality but affordable 3D tools will open up a whole new world to independent filmmakers.

Panelists include:

Greg Boren - Mr. Boren is Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company’s Senior Systems Sales Engineer in the West. Greg is a 19-year Panasonic veteran and has been involved in the introduction of several new technologies including the first DSP cameras, D5, DVCPRO, P2, and the new one-piece stereo camera. Prior to joining Panasonic, Greg was employed at NBC Network in Burbank, CA, as Technical Manager on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. In the 80’s he was employed by Pro-Video Services in Fountain Valley, CA, where he built and managed a large 18-telecine industrial film-to-tape transfer facility. From 1975 to 1978, Greg worked as a Design Engineer at Odetics Corp. in Anaheim, CA where he developed control systems for a variety of videotape formats. He began his career in television in 1972 when he left radio to take a position as Chief Engineer of PBS station KEET in Eureka, CA., supervising the transitions from black & white to color and from tube technology to solid state, moving to the Los Angeles area in 1975. Mr. Boren is a member of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the Society of Television Engineers (STE) in Los Angeles.

Charlotte Huggins - A producer with over 25 years experience, the last 15 of which she has spent specializing in 3D live action and animated productions. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Producer’s Guild of America New Media Council. Huggins has produced over a dozen Imax, special venue and feature films in 3D including Journey to the Center of the Earth from Warner Bros./New Line and Walden Media. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her work in special format production including being featured in the Daily Variety 2008 Women’s Impact Report. She is currently in development on several 3-D films, including the sequel to Journey for WB/New Line, the Blue Man Group Mind Blast 3-D Imax feature, 17 Days of Winter for MadMedia Entertainment and The Gate with H2O Motion Pictures. And in her copious free time, Huggins will also co-author a book with Variety’s David Cohen about the art, science and business of 3-D.

Michael T. MacKay - Mr. MacKay’s greatest contributions are in the area of creative problem solving and technical team management. Michael’s ability to structure and implement large-scale creative and technical solutions involving cross-disciplinary approaches has been repeatedly demonstrated. For the past thirty years, MacKay has been actively involved in the digital media convergence. He is passionate about the creation, design, implementation and operation of multimedia environments for digital media production and dissemination. MacKay has made significant advances in the area of Digital Broadcast, Intelligent Studios for Digital Media Creation, Digital Cinema, Dynamic Data Driven WWW Internet Content, Photonic Storage Area Networks, Collaborative Creation & Computing, Secure Portable Personal Preference Services, Interactive Video Programming and Digital Media Distribution Systems. A proven innovator, MacKay’s expertise is in the area of creative idea development and information architectures for a multiplicity of media. This includes Intelligent Studios for Digital Media, Creative Title Development, Direct Broadcast Satellite [DBS], Broadband Cable (DVB, VOIP, and DOCSIS), Feature Film Visual Effects, Dynamic Internet Content Creation, Media Meta Data (MXF AAF) Information Technology [IT] Infrastructure, Hardware, Software and Computer Human Interfaces. Media Productions have ranged from A List Feature Vf/x, music videos, documentaries to an arcade based flight simulator, live performances, feature films and visual effects. Michael is currently innovating and developing resolution independent digital imaging, 2D & 3D Stereoscopic digital cinema film, video, and audio inventions to drive the next generation of media communications and entertainment.

Kelly A. Williamson - Director of Ollie & the Baked Halibut and the soon coming Ollie the Otter – in 3D animated feature, has written twenty screenplays and two novels, partnering with scores of actors, directors, producers, agents, attorneys, and studio executives in the process. He founded the animation company, CritterPix, Inc., in 2003. He authored the children’s novel Ollie the Otter from which the short animated film, Ollie & the Baked Halibut, is based upon. Ollie & the Baked Halibut has won two film festivals and lead to a distribution deal for Ollie the Otter – in 3D, the animated feature, guaranteeing 1500 screen distribution and $10M in P & A for North America. 

Moderated by Larry Thorpe