Closing Night Film - Mother (Madeo)


Closing Night Film - Mother (Madeo)

Running Time: 128 mins

Some secrets can only be uncovered by a determined force of nature...

For twenty years Cinequest has empowered the Maverick via innovation and discovery. It fits this tradition to close a milestone program with aMaverick moment that will truly electrify...and give you one of those special moments when you leave the theatre knowing you've discoveredsomething very original, very powerful.

There are many forces of nature. Perhaps the most organic and committed force is that of a mother for her child. And this power and experience ofmotherhood carries a universal understanding, respect and community. What would you do if your child were accused of a brutal crime?

Mother delivers a breathtaking and hugely entertaining mystery, delving into the realms of truth within the shadow side of humanity.

When it comes to her mentally challenged adult son, Do-Joon, there is nothing this middle-aged matriarch won't do. Her devotion is put to the ultimate test when a schoolgirl is found murdered and all signs point to Do-Joon as the killer. Denied help by the authorities, she sets out to prove her son?s innocence. Using her amateur sleuthing skills, she uncovers a host of unpleasant secrets among the tormented townspeople. As the quest deepens, the heroine's own maternal instincts become increasingly blurred.

Rather than stun with shocking sequences, director Joon-ho Bong (director of the hit film The Host) emphasizes and amazes with detailed cinematography. Shots of open fields and mystifying landscape are equally dazzling and fundamental to the mother's journey. While her eternal love for Do-Joon may come across as shameful and outrageous, the powerful performance of the matriarch overshadows all else on screen.
- Tanya Mohajerani

After the film, please join Cinequest filmmakers and special guests for an ELECTRIFYING Closing Night Party featuring free pool tables, drinks and music at South First Billiards.