Opening Night FIlm - The Good Heart

The Good Heart

Opening Night FIlm - The Good Heart

Running Time: 95 mins

Start the twentieth anniversary celebration of Cinequest in its tradition of discovering electrifying cinema. Cinequest kicks off with a powerhouse, starring Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated Brian Cox (Match Point, Troy, The Bourne Identity) and emerging master Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine, Gigantic). Dagur Kári (Noi the Albino) directs, nurturing flawless performances from Cox and Dano while delivering a spectacular cinematic experience. And at its core, its story, The Good Heart resonates with quirks and jabs that pack considerable punch.

Jacques (Cox) is as cantankerous as they come. He drinks. He smokes. He swears. His entire life revolves around the bar that he owns and lives in, which doubles as his own oasis, where a small group of regulars is allowed. Jacques' philosophy is simple: No women; no walk-ins; and there is no problem that can’t be solved by cursing, a philosophy that has served him well but for the fact that it has left him with one friend: his dog.

Jacques finds a commonality in Lucas (Dano), a homeless young man whom Jacques takes into his bar and home to teach him the trade. Not to be mistaken for charity (Jacques is clear about that), Jacques teaches Lucas that a man needs to know that he can rely on his bar always being there. Though on the surface a truly odd couple, something emerges—whether one would call it a friendship or not—that fosters a mutual respect and reliance on each other.

One of the finest actors working today, Cox delivers a brilliant and powerful performance endowing Jacques a wicked charm that he infuses in all of his characters. Meanwhile, Dano infuses Lucas with a profound and engaging appeal that perfectly plays off of Jacques irascibility. The Good Heart is an incredibly well-observed and engaging film to start your Cinequest 20 celebration. – Michael Rabehl

After the film, please join Cinequest filmmakers and special guests for an ELECTRIFYING Opening Night Party featuring appetizers, cocktails and music at E&O Trading Co.