Movie Making Forum I: Day of the Writer

Movie Making Day Writer

Movie Making Forum I: Day of the Writer

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Write Your Story, Make Your Story.

University Theater San Jose State University.

Part I: Scriptwriting 101 - The Nuts and Bolts of Story Development.
Determining which characters and events are most valuable while developing your script can be the hardest challenge for any scriptwriter. Barnaby Dallas, Head of Production and Professor of Scriptwriting at San Jose State University, will present the key tools for developing a master screenplay. You'll learn practical, usable information on how to find the best plot line for a script, choose significant characters, use dialog and other essential strategies vital to understanding how to create a successful screenplay.

Part II: From Script to Screen - Ensuring Your Movie Gets Made.
How to approach the movie marketplace and ensure your screenplay goes from paper to live action is a formula not yet solved by most film artists. James Dalessandro, a leading screenwriter, will discuss the process of enhancing your movie beyond the boundaries of a simple script, as well as what elements are crucial to getting a movie made. Find out what industry professionals are looking for from a respected Hollywood source. James Dalessandro has sold more than a dozen feature films, including 1906, an epic tale of the San Francisco Earthquake, which was sold to Time Warner in 1998 after a major Hollywood bidding war. He has sold three books, including the acclaimed San Francisco mystery, "Bohemian Heart", "1906" and the true-crime drama story, "Citizen Jane", which he will produce for a Movie of the Week. Dalessandro has been a screenwriter and novelist for over 18 years having taught over 500 students in the past few years. He is also set to direct his first feature film, Borderline, which he also wrote.

Part III: Inspirational Writing Mavericks - David and Janet Peoples.
This inspirational Maverick Spirit Award event will center on powerhouse screenwriting couple, David and Janet Peoples, best known for their collective works including, Blade Runner, 12 Monkeys, Leviathan and Unforgiven. Enjoy a lively conversation moderated by local Santa Clara County public defender, Robert Phelps, where David and Janet Peoples will discuss the aspects of writing for the big screen. Cinequest will present its coveted Maverick Spirit Award to this legendary screenwriting duo. Moderator, Robert Phelps, grew up in Orange, CT. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in communications and from Hastings College of the Law. Robert works as a deputy public defender in Santa Clara County. Currently, Robert is working on a feature story about the cover-up of the crimes committed during the 1906 earthquake for national syndication as well as several scripts including "Face Mask", a feature length film about arena football.