DIGITAL MEDIA FORUM V: The Color of Digital

Digital Media 5 Color of

DIGITAL MEDIA FORUM V: The Color of Digital

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Vibrant Palette. Delivered to you by Fujifilm.

Munchkinland would have looked like hell in black and white. Color has always been a key factor in film communication - visually evoking the emotional impact and complexities of the story. But color in film has long been a concern for every production department on any movie set - from makeup, costume design, lighting, film format and beyond. Think of the nightmare MGM had to get Judy's red shoes, lipstick and hair not to clash with the Lollypop Guild, and you've got the picture.

This educational panel will consist of filmmakers, including members of the visual team (Director, Cinematographer and Production Designer) to discuss the effect of color in movie-making, focusing on the differences between film and digital media, as well as the evolution of color in movies. Explore the new techniques used by film artists, new standards and concerns of color in digital movies, and the emergence of new tools for directors and cinematographers to use color in movies more effectively.

Presenter: Representative from Fujifilm