DIGITAL MEDIA FORUM I: New-School Delivery and Distribution

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DIGITAL MEDIA FORUM I: New-School Delivery and Distribution

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Films To The Fans. Delivered to you by Kontiki.

OK...we've heard it before: "The Internet will change the face of movie distribution and open new opportunities for independent filmmakers to break the studio monopoly on delivering films to their fans." But the claims have yet to produce real alternatives at high-end quality...Or have they? This exciting, leading-edge forum will show you that real alternatives NOW exist to deliver feature-length films at High Definition and DVD quality directly to their fans. With over a billion Internet users, and a swamp-load of them having or attaining broadband capacity, there is truly a New-School approach to distribution forming. And the possibilities are truly empowering to the Maverick artist.

Join moderator Mike Homer (Chairman of Kontiki) and a powerful panel of the leading Maverick minds in delivery technologies while they open your horizons as a movie maker, producer or viewer.

Presenter: Mike Homer, Chairman, Kontiki;

Panelists: Marc Andreessen, Chairman and Founder, Opsware & Founder of Netscape; Panelist: Sean Ryan, SVP and GM of Music Services, Real Networks; Panelist: Mika Salmi, CEO of AtomShockwave; Panelist: Mike Ramsay, CEO of Tivo; Panelist: Toby Coppell, SVP of Corporate Development at Yahoo; Panelist: John Wainwright, Chief Architect, Kontiki