An Evening With Kurt Miller: Extreme Maverick

Kurt Miller Extreme Maver

An Evening With Kurt Miller: Extreme Maverick

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"You can only do four things on skis: you can turn right, turn left, go straight or sell them." - Warren Miller

Form and content are the standard measures of art. Extreme movie making legends Warren and Kurt Miller have pushed the edge in bringing some of our most exhilarating film content to us in the most breathtaking style. But that's not all that's made them Mavericks to the Extreme: they have forged alternative ways to break through the traditional Hollywood barriers affecting film exhibition and distribution - thus serving their rabid and loyal audience. Warren and Kurt created the most successful action sports film company in history. Synonymous with "going to the limit" before there was a notion of extreme sports, the Millers ventured to the planet's limits, capturing the world's greatest athletes as they pushed the limits of human ability. Miller ski films feature incredible mountain scenery, fast-paced action, thrilling ski runs down steep terrain, deep, fresh powder, and crazy tumbles. And their surfing, snowboarding, sky diving and other extreme sports movies offer even more thrills, fun, and on-the-edge inspiration.

The Miller legacy had a modest beginning in 1950, while Warren worked at a new resort, a place called Squaw Valley. There wasn't much to this now giant in the ski industry, just one chairlift and two rope tows. Earning extra money by taking still photos of guests during his lunch hour, Miller saved enough to buy a 16mm camera and made his first feature-length ski movie. There wasn't much of a budget, a mere $600. Yet it was a start, the start of something huge. Without the backing of the stalwart means of exhibition, the Millers used innovative marketing techniques to sell tickets and get films screened in non-traditional theaters, like high schools and community centers across the globe, creating a huge cult-following. Worldwide recognition of the Warren Miller brand allowed production to expand and diversify into a wide range of film and video productions including feature films, direct-to-video, television and documentaries.

A consummate entrepreneur, Kurt Miller's similar passion was instrumental in expanding Warren Miller's audience through his unique marketing efforts and the creation of additional properties and media. For the last fifteen years, Kurt owned and managed Warren Miller Entertainment, serving as President and Chairman. He was also involved in producing and directing the company's last 15 annual feature films. After selling Warren Miller Entertainment to AOL/Time Warner in 2002, Kurt Miller formed Synergy Group - specializing in creating, managing and promoting live events throughout the world. Now Kurt is launching another venture, Regal CineMedia, which has the potential to offer new and revolutionary ways to exhibit independent films theatrically.

A native of Southern California, Miller grew up surfing and sailing. He has raced all over the world. When he is not skiing (usually in helicopters), he enjoys scuba diving, fishing, sailing and mountain biking. Miller lives with his wife, two children and two dogs in Boulder, Colorado. He is an active supporter of breast cancer research and the U.S. Disabled Ski Team. Wicked! - Halfdan Hussey