Digital Cinema- Cutting Edge, Low-cost Alternatives To 35MM.

Cutting Edge Low-Cost

Digital Cinema- Cutting Edge, Low-cost Alternatives To 35MM.

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Everybody has an idea, a dream. Some people's dreams drive them to find ways to make them real. In years past, a filmmaker without studio connections or a family pedigree in the movie business didn't have a snowball's chance to realize his/her movie-making dreams. Things have changed, and excitingly so.

Panasonic has been at the forefront of innovations that allow people to make their movies on all budgets. This exciting and inspiring presentation will describe some of the latest technology developments in MPEG video compression, DVD-RAM media-based recording, and new DLP display technologies that create a new environment for high quality cinematic presentations. Examples of recent HD Cinema and DV Cinema productions will be screened during this review of the latest Independent Cinema Production technologies. Here you might find THE way to make your movie.

Presenter: Stuart English, Vice President of Marketing Panasonic Broadcast