Micro Cinema: All Digital Editing and Delivery Options

Micro Cinema

Micro Cinema: All Digital Editing and Delivery Options

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OK... so shooting's one thing, but filmmaking is a multifaceted process from script to screen.

First, team Panasonic will explore cutting edge options and digital technologies that are available for accentuating creativity and eliminating costs in the post-production process. Explore new ways to edit your digital footage into the film you dreamed of making. So you get the film done-then what? The biggest challenge of all comes in trying to get your masterpiece to an audience. For years, restrictive distribution channels have thwarted many of the world's finest films, leaving them without a complete audience. Digital technologies might be coming to the rescue, offering an array of new ways to deliver movies to the people. And better yet, digital technologies could make distribution and exhibition both cheaper and also aesthetically better.

If you are a seasoned filmmaker or just starting out, this presentation will help demystify the digital process while filling your mind with opportunities to get your work to the eyes, ears, minds, and hearts of your audience. If you are a film lover, you'll be amazed at the new chances you will have to access the world's finest movies.