Beyond 24P: Acquisitions and Applications

Beyond 24P

Beyond 24P: Acquisitions and Applications

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24P digital filmmaking has taken the film industry by storm. So does it all end there? Not according to the creative minds at Panasonic who offer new frontiers for expanding creativity.

Take a look at a wide spectrum of digital filmmaking tools and possibilities with a particular focus on the advancements of the 24-frame and variable-frame-rate progressive HD camera. These technologies offer unique creative and cost options for theatrical, documentary, television, and commercial filmmakers. Since filmmaking has always been a strange marriage between business and art, filmmakers will be well served to understand the exciting options available with 24-frame progressive. The development of the variable frame rate progressive scan acquisition camera system gives new flexibility and options for both creativity and cost savings.

Additionally, film lovers will be fascinated by a behind the scenes look at how filmmakers do their magic and by an entertaining showcase of digital clips. This exciting event will include wonderful examples of digital movie clips along with an opportunity to ask some of the best minds in the business the questions you've always wanted to ask.