Cutting Edge Developments: Script to Screen

Script to Screen

Cutting Edge Developments: Script to Screen

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Presenters: Michael Brinkman, Director, Strategic Business Development, Panasonic. Stuart English, V.P Marketing, Panasonic Broadcast.

Panasonic offers new frontiers for both expanding creativity and limiting costs. Recent developments in variable frame rate/resolution cameras, and in non-linear editing and digital projection systems for HD Cinema and Multi-Media program production, are giving film makers, lovers and exhibitors exciting new opportunities. The development of the variable frame rate progressive scan acquisition camera system gives new flexibility and options for creativity and cost savings. Also, the different attributes of film's electronic capture in 16mm, 35mm and emerging digital imaging systems must be understood in order to leverage the potential of the current technologies.

This Panasonic presentation will also address post production, repurposing and multi-media distribution of the digital media assets created by HD Cinema camera systems. Even more, it will discuss the new digital display systems such as Plasma screens and large venue DLP projectors, enabling the development of a rich entertainment environment.

Don't miss this timely opportunity to discover the wonderful new ways to both view and to make movies.