Millennial Gen Exhibition - Theatre to Home

Millennial Gen Exhibit

Millennial Gen Exhibition - Theatre to Home

Running Time: N/A

Presenters: Carl Laufer and Phil Seabolt, Consumer Electronics Experts, Panasonic.

It's cool. It's hip. It's an insider's look into the new and developing technologies for watching movies at the theatre, at home and elsewhere. Carl Laufer and Phil Seabolt demonstrate and explore state-of-the-art methods to display/see visual media, including digital projection, special home screens and portable devices. This information is crucial for three groups: 1) filmmakers who are researching the best ways to shoot their movies-understanding the possible means of an audience accessing your movie allows you to make the right choices when producing it; 2) film lovers who are interested in the exciting new opportunities to higher quality and more convenient means of experiencing films; and 3) technologists interested in exploring the cutting-edge issues that are empowering media display and exhibition technologies.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for filmmakers, technologists, and film lovers alike to discover all of the new options for both enjoying and for making/presenting movies.