Mavericks on Film: Digital Cinema

Mavericks on Film

Mavericks on Film: Digital Cinema

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The world of movie making is most definitely changing, and right behind is the world of movie exhibition. Cinequest is proud to present a look into the very near future when digital projection will unite with digital filmmaking to give us a clarity and expansion of vision.

Cinequest presents a breathtaking look at the world of digital filmmaking and exhibition. Digital Projection and Sony Electronics are creating a state-of-the art Digital Projection & Sound System for the weekend of March 3-5 at Cinequest. Then on Saturday, Laurence J. Thorpe, ground breaking pioneer from Sony Electronics, will lead a team of some of the world's most daring and brilliant filmmakers to demonstrate samples of the latest in digital filmmaking on this amazing projection system and also to discuss the important issues surrounding digital filmmaking and exhibition. The wonderful event will include: Stunning footage from a recent NASA voyage, Clips from an upcoming Discovery presentation on the infamous Eco-Challenge, Excerpts from Fred Fougea's brilliant Hunaman.

Presenters include: Moderator: Laurence J. Thorpe, Vice President, Acquisitions Systems, Sony. Sony leads the development of digital cameras, and Mr. Thorpe leads Sony's efforts. His groundbreaking work with the BBC, RCA, and now Sony has culminated in the exciting developments of digital image capturing, which provides the possibility of eliminating traditional means of making films.

Co-Moderator: Robert Miller. Robert Miller directed the first all-digital film, Mail Bonding, and has spoken about digital filmmaking at the Sundance Film Festival, European Institute of Cinema, American Film Institute, and the Directors Guild of America. This summer he will make a film using Sony's 24p High Definition camera.

Lloyd A. Silverman: After six years at Universal Pictures, a ten year involvement as a Broadway and off-Broadway producer (Lil' Shop of Horrors; Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N Roll; La Cage Aux Folles), Lloyd Silverman established in 1997 with former Miramax International president Ian Jessel, The Artists' Colony. Recent productions include Snow Falling on Cedars, Shattered Image, and Solid Ones.

Fred Fougea.

Bart Cheever: Executive Producer, D.FILM. Bart Cheever has dedicated himself to the exhibition and promotion of all-digital films. His groundbreaking work with D.FILM has shone a bright light on a realm of filmmaking never seen before--that of people lacking in Hollywood contacts or substantial financing but rich in ideas and talent. Don't miss this eye-popping, one time only, presentation and see digital cinema at its best from the best.