A Conversation with Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin Conversation

A Conversation with Alec Baldwin

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"You have actors who begin at a certain young age, and there's very little change in their technique and the depth of their performances; they're the same 30 years later. And then there are those who show gradations of change in their acting, and that's a great thing to witness. And then there are the rarest and the greatest actors who knocked you on your ass from a very early age--the level of self-awareness, the level of emotional complexity and understanding, of self-control, and presence. Great acting can be almost a psychotic mix of self-consciousness and unself-consciousness. And that's the terrible conflict. You have to be free to jump off into that volcano, and you have to be pathologically self-conscious." - Alec Baldwin (Movieline)

With shrewdness, intelligence, and his own brand of sharp wit, Alec Baldwin is one of the most respected and enduring actors of the last two decades, and it has become quite clear from an eclectic array of roles that this maverick has many surprises in store for us--like taking the time to finish his degree at NYU, while already a successful actor. Alec Baldwin began his distinguished career in a unique way, leaving a political science degree (and plans to enter a life of law) at George Washington University and transferring to NYU's prestigious drama department. At 21 years old, with one year of school left, he accepted a role in The Doctors, a TV soap opera, then moved on to do Cutter to Houston and Knots Landing, eventually transitioning to film with his first feature, Forever, Lulu.

A smoldering intensity and a stunning display of directness characterize his acting style. Baldwin's intelligence and confidence come across in each role he portrays, bringing a solid, engaging performance to all of his projects. The role that cemented his position as one of America's foremost dramatic stars was his gripping performance in The Hunt for Red October, as the CIA operative, Jack Ryan. While Baldwin has a certain prowess at high drama (The Ghosts of Mississippi, Glengarry Glen Ross, Malice), he has an extremely broad range, playing in comedies (Miami Blues, Alice, Beetlejuice, The Marrying Man), action-adventure films (The Phantom, Mercury Rising, The Getaway, The Edge), narrating documentaries (Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick), and even becoming one of the most-loved hosts in the history of Saturday Night Live. Any intriguing project that can capture and hold his attention is fair game, no matter the genre or medium, and his filmography includes more than 40 different projects in television, theater, and film.

Baldwin's first and lasting love is live theater. He passed up the opportunity to continue the remarkable character, Jack Ryan, from The Hunt for Red October in the sequel, Patriot Games, in order to put up "A Streetcar Named Desire" on Broadway. His other stage appearances include Joe Orton's "Loot", Caryl Churchill's "Serious Money", and David Mamet's "Life in the Theatre". A few of his most memorable screen roles have included film versions of plays: he played Blake in David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross and Peter Hoskins in Craig Lucas' Prelude to a Kiss.

Alec Baldwin is a maverick in the truest form, whether he is acting, taking on politics, fighting for animal rights, or being a husband to Kim Basinger and a father to their daughter Ireland Eliesse. With a sharp, quick mind, combined with the uncanny ability to fill us with a sense of wonder, he invites us to capture and experience his love of acting and his love of life. Please join Cinequest in a riveting conversation with Mr. Baldwin, followed by audience interaction. - Mike Rabehl